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About Cairo

Right on the banks of the Nile River, Cairo is a chaotic and bustling city that is also the largest in Egypt. It's dubbed the "city that never sleeps" - there is always something going on in this sprawling metropolis, where ancient culture meets modern skyscrapers. Expect to hear a cacophony of horns and the rumble of traffic day and night, but the sounds are invigorating to those who like large cities.

Travelers come to Cairo to explore Egypt's long and storied history. Top Cairo attractions include the Egyptian Museum, which is filled with millennia worth of antiquities and artifacts, including mummified bodies of ancient rulers. The large, public Tahir Square with its central traffic circle is the heart of Cairo and also known as a location for political demonstrations. For panoramic city views, you'll want to visit the 187-meter-high Cairo Tower in the Zamalek district of the Gezira Island suburb.

Also nearby is Giza, where you'll find Egypt's most famous attractions: the iconic pyramids dating back to the 26th-century BC and the Great Sphinx. Visit on a camel for sunrise or sunset.


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