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8 Reasons to travel more this year

8 Reasons to travel more this year
You have seen people all over social media travelling everyday even in the midst of the pandemic once they got a chance to, and maybe you are wondering, what is the big deal? Why do more and more people choose to save and travel around the world? 

Well, the main reason is that travel has millions of benefits and according to research it is good for your mental health and here are 10 reasons for you to book that fight and travel more this year.

Travelling gives you a new perspectives. The act of stepping in new cultures, gives you a new perspective and appreciation about life and diversity of the human race. It is interesting to find that your way of doing things is not necessarily the world’s way of doing things.

It is an opportunity to take a break from work. Taking leave is associated with better productivity and creativity at work. Coupling that with being in another country totally allows you to distance yourself from work and relax.

Travelling pushes you out of your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is a good place, but rarely any magic happens there. Travelling allows you to explore different routines, interests and skills making you grow with each trip.

Travelling is a great way to learn new languages. If you have been learning a new language, the best way to improve your proficient is to travel where the language is spoken by locals. You will be forced to speak the language regularly and even learn for free from locals you interact with

A chance to experience nature. Whether it is a safari in Africa, a beach getaway or an skydiving adventure, travelling is a great way to become one with nature and appreciate all the earth has to offer. 

Travelling may inspire new ideas. Uber founder had the idea after experiencing travelling challenges, so why not you. Being in another country, another environment gives you an opportunity to see what is done or missing in another culture and can be a great way for inspiration to flow. 

You can develop meaningful relationships when travelling. You may not meet your soulmate in your next trip, but it is an opportunity to make friends from people all over the world. And to most people, the friends they made while abroad are the strongest they have to date

Travelling is fun. There could be a hundred benefits of travelling but the best one is the fact that it is fun, and who does not want to have more fun in their lives? Not you for sure

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