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What to Pack For a Safari in Tanzania

What to Pack For a Safari in Tanzania
Congratulations! You are going on a safari and it is going to be an amazing experience. But what do you pack? Here is our recommended list

1.      Passport, travel docs & itinerary  
We know, it is obvious but you do not want to miss these. Make sure you pack them on your hand luggage, a place where you can easily reach them throughout your journey. 

2. Prescription meds & emergency meds 
Remember to pack your prescription medications and any emergency meds you might need during your stay 

3. Camera & binoculars
Tanzania is blessed with boundless wildlife and beautiful landscapes that are every photographer’s dream, so do not forget to bring a camera or a phone with high camera resolution to ensure you capture all your magical moments. Binoculars will highly improve your safari experience so we highly recommend you bring them along for your trip.  

4. Clothes and toiletries
Of course, you must bring clothes! But are you taking the right clothes? Here are our tips for packing clothes; 
  • Wear neutral colors: Khaki, light brown, green, and tan. White clothes will show up dust and dirt. Bright-colored clothing such as red makes you very conspicuous to the wildlife, especially on a walking safari.
  • Dress casually: Safari only requires casual clothing 
  • Cover at night: Long sleeves and pants will help you stay warm and avoid mosquito bites
  • Be comfortable: Clothing should consist of non-synthetic material. Cotton is ideal.
  • Use the laundry service: Most camps/lodges offer laundry service but will not launder undergarments. Choose clothing that is easily laundered.
  • Dress in layers: Zip-off sleeves and lots of pockets are a plus. Bring a jacket and scarf along on game drives as temperatures drop quickly once the sun goes down in the evening.
  • Check your hat: Hats must do three things well to be effective:
    • Provide complete sun protection – especially for the back of your neck
    • Gas permeable so the heat generated from your head can escape
    • Be water-absorbent on the inside and waterproof on the outside, to absorb sweat and cover you if you get caught in the rain
  • Don’t over-pack: Choose lightweight clothing options whenever possible since packing space is at a premium
If you need further guidance for your upcoming safari trip, feel free to contact us